Have your say on safe speeds

We want to create a city where all of us can travel safely, free from harm, whether that's on foot, bike, public transport or by car.


But in some places the speeds on Auckland's roads are too high, and it's causing unnecessary tragic loss of life and serious injuries. It also means many of us do not feel safe walking or cycling; whether that's to get to school, the shops, or within our local community.



What you can do about it


Auckland Transport is asking for your views on their next speed reduction plan for Tāmaki Makaurau. 

It is proposing speed reductions around some schools, marae, town centres and on some rural road sections.

But the plans vary across different suburbs, meaning your child's school and your community may not benefit fully, or will only have speed limits at their school at brief time periods in the day.

We believe no child or parent should have their life put at risk, purely based on a lottery of which suburb they live in.

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Safe speeds in your area


Download our Safe Speeds Scorecard Report (PDF) to explore how Auckland Transport's proposals will impact your local area.



The evidence on speed limits


  • Every week there are 12 deaths or serious injuries on Auckland's roads caused by collisions.
  • Children (0-14) are the most vulnerable road users despite not being able to drive. They make up 6% of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.
  • Cyclists, people walking and Māori are also disproportionately likely to be harmed by a collision.
  • An estimated 71% of all road traffic crashes within New Zealand are attributable to unsafe speed.
  • Permanent 30km/h zones are 21 times more effective at reducing death and serious injury than variable speed limits.

Download our position statement (PDF) to learn why safe speeds matter.



Other ways to get involved